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Principal - Mrs K Els

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work – John Trainer

The brain has three (3) layers.  Your physical, emotional, and thinking brain.  The most sensitive time frame to develop the physical brain is between the age 0-14 months.  The emotional brain’s time frame is between 14 months to 4 years.  Whereby your child’s thinking brain most sensitive time frame for development is from 4-11 years. Therefore, choosing Dynamic Kids pre-school (in collaboration with our parents), assisting in the development of your child’s brain, age- appropriately, is the most important decision to make.

The brain of a newborn is only 25% of its adult size, but rapidly grows in the first few years of life, forming over a million neural connections per second. This period of rapid brain development is crucial for a child’s future learning, behaviour, health and quality early education and nurturing can help maximize their potential.

During the first five years of a child’s development, their experiences play a major role in shaping their development.

Dynamic Kids Early Childhood Development center play an important part in preparing children for school and promoting their physical, mental, and social development from birth, providing children with foundational skills necessary for later learning through play-based activities and experiences.

Why is Dynamic Kids Early Childhood Development education so crucial in providing your child with foundational skills?

Children who receive quality Early Childhood Development Education are more likely to have better outcomes in academics, cognitive abilities, and social-emotional development, such as better self- regulation, problem-solving and communication skills.

Quality early education can aid in filling achievement gaps and increase the likelihood of tertiary education later in life. Teachers and peer interactions in preschools are essential for a child’s emotional, social, and physical development, as these experiences eventually shape the adult they will become.

At Dynamic Kids Early Childhood Centre you can expect:

  • Qualified and trained staff, with many years of experience in their field.
  • Safe and clean environment: Our centre has a safe, clean, and well-maintained environment which promotes children’s health and overall well-being.
  • Age-appropriate activities and materials: We provide a variety of age-appropriate activities and materials that support children’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.
  • Positive interactions and relationships: Our teachers and staff interact with our children and provide supportive and nurturing interactions.
  • Communication with our parents/guardians: Communication is vital in keeping you updated on your child’s development and progress.
  • Focus on play-based learning: We prioritise play-based learning, as play is a crucial component of children’s development and learning.
  • Flexibility and adaptation to individual needs: We constantly adapt to individual children’s needs and provide a flexible and inclusive environment.
  • Regular assessments and evaluations: We termly assess and evaluate children’s progress to ensure they are on track for their developmental milestones.

Registering your child at Dynamic Kids Early Childhood Development center can have numerous benefits for your child’s development, such as boosting their eagerness to learn, social skills, self- confidence, and attention span, as well as encouraging empathy, creativity, and teamwork.

My journey in education and children’s development began as a Baby Instructor in 2005. Just by gradually and gently waking up all of baby’s senses and muscles in a specific sequence, that is when brain development occurs. No matter how clever the brain, the brain needs wide-awake senses and strong muscles to prompt the brain into action. This was part of my training, working with underprivileged or special homes children. My personal passion for children in their development stages started during these years.

I was curious as to why the stereo type arose pertaining 2-year-olds, which is called “terrible twos.” I was intrigued and wanted to know more about the brain and development stages.

My captivation led me to various studies and authors who had so much insight on brain and development stages, specifically from birth.

Throughout the years I was continuously brought back into the world of Education. I was privileged to take part in building a primary school from the ground up and playing an imperative role in the lives of our children for over 10 years. Part of my background also includes working with the Department of Education.

I believe in children and the magnificent future God has for them.  The responsibility in the unfolding of the plan and purpose God has for our children is in our hands and indeed such a privilege.

Parents in collaboration with yourself and Dynamic Kids as a whole, we can impact and impart lifelong values in the lives of our children.