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Our Story

Our Founders: Drs. Hendrik and Phillicia Bester

Dynamic Kids was established because of a vision birthed in the heart of Dr. Hendrik Bester.
He saw through his years how education was lacking and how schools were going backwards instead of forwards. He saw how many children were influenced in a negative way and became rebellious. He was deeply concerned for the deteriorating pass rate, the teacher-strikes and lack of care towards children.

Drs. Bester’s hearts were for children and teachers and they only wanted the best for them. They believed in creating a good and pleasant environment where both children and educators would be happy and relaxed, without any unnecessary pressures. They believed that there was always room for development and moving forward.

Saying all of this, Drs. Bester always aimed to have the best principal and best teachers with a heart for children, to ensure that children who attended our school would receive the best education- a foundational value that we still carry forward today.

Previous Principal - Mrs C Steyn

What an amazing privilege to be involved with early learners that are so eager and hungry to experience new and adventure things – Youngsters who get excited over small things that we as adults sometimes take for granted. What a privilege to learn daily from them, see how they grow and develop, laugh, and play. See how they overcome obstacles and how they accept one another for who they are.

Together with Dynamic Kids staff, I am grateful for the growth that is taking place in all our Centre’s. We believe that all children have enormous and often untapped potential. We strive to care for and create a space where these youngsters can become independent, innovative learners with a positive attitude towards learning.

Good news, our Centre’s have an “every day is an open day” approach, where everyone is welcome to come and visit:

  • Dynamic Kids Baby Care Centre and Pre-Primary School is impacting young lives to become greater – achieving monthly and yearly goals, to become the best they can be
  • Dynamic Kids Homework and Learning Centre is influencing learners not only by supporting them in their schoolwork and additional subjects e.g., Mathematics, English and Afrikaans, but also help them to grow in their identity, focusing on building a good self-esteem
  • Dynamic Kids Transport Services transport learners too and from additional areas and schools. With excellent services our devoted staff is influencing our communities