Grade R

Grade R: 5-6 YRS

  1. Our aim is for every Grade R student to become an independent, advanced learner, with a positive attitude for learning.
  2. Our focus is to provide quality individual care and training to take children forward in all development areas.
  3. We believe that all Grade R students have enormous and often untapped potential and that through creative play and through developing strong skills that can become the best they can be
  4. Our grade R students follow the CAPS curriculum that falls under the foundation phase which is overseen by the department of education and endorsed by Dunamis  Christian school.
  5. All meals and toiletries are included in your monthly school fee payment
  6. A Grade R stationary pack included in your registration fee.
  7. We are open during school holidays for grade R students at no extra cost.

Grade R & Homework Centre staff